Chris Costanza

Medical Assistant

Externship, What is it Exactly?

Externship is an opportunity to practice the skills you have learned in the classroom portion of the program. Think of externship as on-the-job training. Externship allows you to be placed at an offsite location like a hospital, clinic or laboratory to complete the required hours for the practical portion of the program. All programs offered […]

Blood draw woman in pink shirt

A Day in the Life of an Extern

​Super Excited!!! This week was the first week of my medical assistant externship and it was nothing short of amazing!  At first, the process was a bit intimidating because I had to go get my name badge from the security department as well as meet with a couple employees from the HR department.  My meeting […]

accredited stamp

Accreditation – What is it all about?

There are some major misconceptions around accreditation and what it means in regards to vocational training. On occasion, students will ask if our programs are accredited all the while not even knowing what accreditation means. So let’s clear the air and lay out the facts to what some educators and bureaucrats have made a confusing issue.   […]